Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Naked Nollywood star CHRISTABEL EKEH explains her actions, shares more nudes on new Instagram account

The apparent mystery surrounding the bizarre behaviour of Nollywood actress Christabel Ekeh who has been sharing her naked photos on Instagram since the past week is now slowly unraveling, THE AFRICAN EYE can report.
The award winning thespian of mixed Nigerian/Ghanaian heritages finally opened up today as she shared more explicit photos of herself including full frontal shots.
Simply put,  the actress and model is undergoing a rebirth of sorts and in a caption for one of her latest nude photos she posted on a new handle she reveals that being naked is her way of telling her story, her truth and her mystery.
The new Instagram account which features only her nude photos is known as New Christabel. Read her full post and peep her nude photos below...

newchristabel #NAKED: I do not know how else to express my self, to tell my truth, my story, my mystery than being #NAKED. I'm embracing the NEW! To the old I say #fuckyou . Coming from where I came and being here, I can only explain this journey by being #NAKED . I am your canvas, maybe,you can print on me your imaginations....deep down I feel the truth. I feel the love. #naked #newvibes #newchristabel #christabelekeh #actress #model #theactress #theanointedone #thegreatest #free #freegirl #goodgardengirl

Well, as long as she's fully conscious of her actions and has the necessary support mechanism in place among her family and professional team, all we can do for now is ogle and appreciate her well toned body.

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