Friday, 7 July 2017

G20 leaders get welcome from hell in Germany as activists and police clash with 75 cops wounded

Anti-capitalist protesters warned they would unleash ‘hell’ on the streets instead of red carpets for leaders of the G20 and pictures from Hamburg where the G20 summit begins today Friday, make it seem like they did just that - with most of the anger directed at the US President.
‘Welcome to Hell’ was the protesters’ chilling greeting for Trump and other world leaders arriving for the two-day summit.

An estimated 75 police officers were injured throughout the evening, with three requiring treatment in hospital, police said.
The pilots of a police helicopter sustained eye injuries when laser pointers were directed at them, police said.
Protesters damaged cars, set other objects ablaze and threw bottles in roving clashes that lasted until midnight.
An eyewitness saw at least one protester with blood on his face being treated.
Officers were pictured silhouetted against flames as barricades are set alight and bottles hurled in protest at the arrival of Donald Trump and other world leaders.
Up to 100,000 protesters were expected in Germany’s second city, angry at global policies on climate change, trade and capitalism.
Donald Trump is attending and was the focus on much of the anger as protesters labelled their march: ‘Welcome to hell’.
It tarnished the start of a meeting Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes will cement her role as a stateswoman as she seeks re-election in September.
Merkel, who is campaigning for a fourth term, can ill afford the images of chaos and disharmony that dominated news coverage of the summit.
The summit, which starts in earnest on Friday, is a chance for her to polish her diplomatic credentials but would be disastrous if marred by widespread violence.
Police battle anti-G20 protesters using water cannons.
Riot police clash with 'Welcome to hell' protesters at G20 in Germany
Riot police clash with 'Welcome to hell' protesters at G20 in Germany

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