Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Terrorist with explosive vest 'neutralised' by soldiers after detonating a bomb in Brussels train stattion

Belgian military on Tuesday opened fire on a suspected attacker ‘wearing a suicide vest’ at a Brussels train station. They said by neutralising the suspect they foiled a terror attack after soldiers spotted wires protruding from the man’s clothes as he was observed acting strangely.
Terror attack 'foiled' at Brussels station as army shoot man 'with suicide vest'

Nicolas Van Herreweghen, who works for Belgium’s national rail company, said the male suspect was very agitated, yelling about jihadists and then ‘Allahu akbar,’ Arabic for ‘God is great,’ before blowing up something on a baggage trolley.
A photo shared online shows flames in the building of Brussels Central as a passerby turns to look on Tuesday evening.
A witness told Agence France Presse that the suspect shouted "Allahu Akbar" before he was shot by soldiers who were on patrol at the time. Security forces evacuated people from La Grande Place within seconds following the incident.
Terror attack 'foiled' at Brussels station as army shoot man 'with suicide vest'
La Grand Place is one of the city's major tourist attractions and was full of people when the incident occurred this evening. Witnesses took pictures of a fire in the nearby Central Station. One witness said that people had panicked after hearing the explosion and ran "in every direction".
Brussels Police tweeted about an "incident with an individual at Brussels Central station".

It said: "The situation is under control but please follow the instructions.”

A police spokesman said that asides the suspect, there were no other casualties. He however did not clarify whether the suspect was still alive after getting shot. 

Arnaud Reyman, spokesman for rail network operator Infrabel confirmed the station was evacuated.  

He said: "There was panic in the station and on the tracks after an incident."

Bart Crols, a spokesman for the SNCN railway company, confirmed all rail traffic in the city has been suspended after witnesses tweeted a picture of a fire at Central Station.

A senior Belgian law enforcement official told the Politico website that a crisis meeting of top state officials was expected to start immediately.

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