Saturday, 24 June 2017

Spy camera found inside shopping centre toilet

Secret camera found in public Lidl and Matalan disabled toilet
An investigation has been launched after a security guard found a hidden camera inside a shopping centre’s disabled toilet.
Adedeji Adebanwo was checking the facilities, which are used by customers in Matalan and Lidl, when he found the small, white device in Maidstone. The employee then called police immediately.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that the camera – which was in a cubicle used by hundreds of people every day, including children – had a USB slot and a memory card inside.
The device, which is shaped to look like an air freshener, had been stuck to a tiled wall.
Speaking to Kent Online, Mr Adebanwo, head of security at the Broadway Shopping Centre, said: ‘I went to use the toilet myself and I noticed what looked like an air freshener, which was strange.
‘Anything like that has to be approved by me and we don’t have air fresheners. It isn’t something we would have. A customer using the toilet would have had no idea that it was a camera.
  Secret camera found in public Lidl and Matalan disabled toilet
‘I find it disgusting. We have a lot of public toilets in Maidstone and everybody needs to check them.’
Now Adedeji is urging shop owners and members of the public to be on the lookout for similar pieces of equipment.
He said: ‘Straight away when I saw it I knew it was a hidden camera. Both adults and children use that toilet. It’s sick.
‘If they are in the toilets at this shopping centre then you don’t know where else they are being put.’
The creepy cameras can be bought for as little as £10 from various websites and more expensive models come with high definition cameras.
There is a tiny lens just above the hook.
It is not known how long the camera had been in the toilet cubicle.
A spokesman for JLL, the property manager of the Broadway Shopping Centre, said: ‘The matter has been reported to the local police and we are helping them with their inquires.’
A police spokesman said: ‘We urge anyone who finds suspicious items to report them by calling Kent Police on 101. Always call 999 in an emergency.’

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