Monday, 26 June 2017

Nigerians can't understand why President Buhari sent his Sallah message to the nation in Hausa

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They just can't figure out the logic and its not simply because approximately 40% of Nigerians don't speak hausa.
Now, because of the mixed signals, some are saying it wasn't the President's voice on the recording, others say it was insane and insensitive of him to address the nation in hausa while yet others say hausa will soon be imposed as the country's official language.
Nigerians aren't taking things lying low and in fairness to them the alleged Buhari's message was potently contradictory especially in the wake of the Arewa Youths ultimatum to Igbo's residing in the predominantly hausa north to evacuate.
In the alleged message, Buhari is calling on Nigerians to avoid acts and utterances that would jeopardize the oneness of the country but at the same time he is addressing only one section of the nation - those of his ethnicity! How clever's that?
Here's the pulse of the nation...

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