Thursday, 15 June 2017

London Fire tragedy - See some of the residents still unaccounted for...

These ar some of the people living at the Grenfell Tower block in White City that have not been seen since the tragic fire incident.

Family and friends of the missing have since taken to social media to appeal for help in finding their loved ones. Some of the people still missing are, Top row from left: Zainab Dean and her son Jermiah, Sheila Smith, Tony Disson, Jessica Urbano, Nadia Choucair, Yasin El-Wahabi, Nurhuda El-Wahabi, and Mo Tuccu.  Top row, right: Steve Power, Mary Mendy, Khadija Saye, Ali Yawar, Rania Ibrham, Hamid Kani, Saber Neda and Hesham Rahman.

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