Saturday, 10 June 2017

Brave cop who engaged 4-man gang in shootout during Zenith bank robbery in Owerri dies from gunshot wounds

A plainclothes police officer who bravely took-on four deadly armed robbers when they stormed a branch of Zenith bank in Owerri, eastern Nigeria as seen in a viral video we published yesterday has sadly died from gunshot wounds sustained during the attack.
The officer who we have now identified as Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko sprang into action from inside the gatehouse where he was stationed after the gang started shooting indiscriminately as soon as they entered the premises.
Firing through the window of his location Sgt Iboko a mobile policeman first took aim at one robber who was still sitting in the rear of the black salon car and when another robber who was already out of the car noticed he was there he immediately focused on him - firing as he went closer to the gatehouse but he soon fell backwards to the ground and died as Sgt Iboko was faster on the trigger.
However, the one taking cover in the car continued to engage him as he came out of the security post and no doubt succeeded in hitting him. It is from those injuries he now died. (See circled image above.)
Spokesperson for the Imo state Police Command, Andrew Enwerem, told PUNCH that Sergeant Iboko died while in intensive care in April -  two months after the robbery took place. 
THE AFRICAN EYE reported on Friday that the robbery took place in February this year but footage of the attack had only just emerged.
Officer Enwerem said that two other policemen were also in the gatehouse during the shootout also sustained gunshot injuries.
“They were in intensive care for up to two months. The two survived but Iboko died. He was a sergeant and mobile policeman,” Enwerem said.
If you missed the original report, catch-up here.

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