Thursday, 8 June 2017

Boss Lady ZARI HASSAN takes over control of late ex-husband's estate

Singer and entrepreneur Zari Hassan, has been mandated to manage the business empire of her deceased ex-husband, Ivan Semwanga, who died last month.
The decision was reached after a lengthy and heated meeting at Ivan’s home in Uganda on Saturday and was attended by Zari and the deceased’s family including his closest friend, Godfrey Kirumira.

According to reports, details of the deal include that Zari is to take care of Ivan’s Brooklyn schools t
Zari is the CEO of all the schools that Ivan left behind. It is believed that she immediately left Uganda on Sunday morning and she went straight to inspect the schools.  She has already started working. Members also resolved that, Zari will be receiving a salary as a CEO and will be tasked to produce accountability for money spent. She is not allowed to spend money without the family notice.

The family also resolved to open up a joint account for three boys that Ivan felt behind. The account will start with 120m as the opening balance and every month, same amount will be deposited there.

The children will remain in the expensive schools they have been attending. Each child pays a total of Shs 210m as school fees per year. Family resolved the money from the schools will cater for them accordingly.

Rita Semwanga, sister to Ivan was given the responsibility to take over the house in South Africa, where Ivan was living.  The house still belongs to the boys and they will be spending time whenever they want.

Before Zari left the country, she was asked to respond to comments made by Ssemwanga’s uncle, Herbert Luyinda, to the effect that she was not entitled to inheriting any property she said;

“I was just calm because there is paper work and not even someone’s uncle can just wake up and says he wants this. On top of that, Ivan left kids who will keep the dad’s legacy. I think after realizing that he apologised”, said Zari.

Zari Hassan, who is presently an item with Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz was married to Ivan Semwanga for 10 years and their union was blessed with three sons before they divorced.

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