Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blac Chyna and Rob are off again. He calls her a broke HOE he's funding in leaked SMS

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Rob and Chyna had appeared to be back-on as an item in the run-up to Fathers Day... liking each others photos and even staying together through the period and after.
But they were either pranking their innocent daughter or if they were really trying to get along for the poor child then trouble is never too faraway from the pair because THE AFRICAN EYE has gathered that their relationship has switched back to the OFF position yet again.

According to reports, Rob has put Chyna on blast calling her a hoe and revealed that he pays her bills because she's broke.
We know this thanks to leaked text messages between Rob and a woman called Bonita.
Lets break it down -  Bonita (@bonita4real) exposed her baby daddy on Insta for exchanging text messages with Chyna. 
Rob saw Bonita's post and contacted her. He told her to call him and when she did, they began texting back and forth. 
In the texts - eventually shared by Fameolous - Rob exposed a lot, referring seveal times to his baby mama as a hoe.
“She’s for everyone,” he wrote in one of the texts.
He also  told of how he’s paying all her bills and that she can’t afford to give her mother money. Rob went on to claim that the luxurious lifestyle she flaunts is funded by him, including her cars. 
Rob also dropped another bombshell, saying that Chyna used him for publicity last week when they were spotted with their daughter at Disneyland. He said he never wanted to go but she begged him to do it. He ended by saying he’s done with her.
Until their fire is reignited...

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