Friday, 9 June 2017

ACTION VIDEO: Four armed robbers raid Zenith Bank in Owerri, lose one man in shootout

One robber fires from the car at policeman in gatehouse after he shoots dead another robber
A four-man armed gang were caught on camera as they trailed a customer going to deposit a bag full of cash at a bank in Owerri, Imo State of Nigeria.
The incident occurred in February this year at the Wetheral Road branch of Zenith Bank but the footage has only just surfaced and we have it.
As the unsuspecting guard opens the gate, they disembark and begin to shoot indiscriminately.
One quickly finds their target, shoots him dead (out of camera shot) and escapes on foot with the bag of money the victim was about to deposit. 
However, an armed officer in plainclothes posted inside the bank's gate house engages the other robbers in a shootout killing one as the getaway driver and one other flee with injuries.
Three policemen and five bank customers sustained injuries in the attack THE AFRICAN EYE gathered.
The Imo State police command has since captured the ring leader Justice Ogbonna, aka, JJ and the getaway driver.
Zenith Bank Owerri
Zenith Bank Owerri
Real tragic action to watch...

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