Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Leaked nude photos of Ghanaian varsity student threaten her wedding and graduation {18+ IMAGES}

Leak victim: Sandra Nana Adwoa Gyan
The April 17 wedding as well as the academic future of a 400-level final-year University of Ghana student are now in jeopardy after her fiance's jealous ex leaked her nude photos online.
When the full frontal photos of the curvaceous bead-wearing beauty started doing the social media rounds, the leak victim named as Sandra Nana Adwoa Gyan was initially accused of being behind it  herself until her fiance cleared the foul air.
Initially, it was thought that Sandra leaked her own photos as a publicity stunt to generate interest in her sale of waist beads on campus at the University of Ghana, Legon. 
However, Sandra's fiance a certain Mr Ofori who resides in the US later bravely spoke up in her defense and explained how the nude photos got out.
And the knots and bolts of the story are that Mr Ofori has an aggrieved ex named Princilla with whom he has a daughter. 
Both the ex and their daughter also reside in the US precisely in North Dakota away from Mr Ofori.
Now Mr Ofori reportedly visited Ghana where he snapped his current girlfriend Sandra in the nude for his personal pleasure.
Then upon his return to the US he obliged his daughter's persistent demand for a phone and decided to send her the same handset he used to snap Sandra's photos as a present but stupidly forgot to wipe the device clean.
That was how the child's mother stumbled on the photos. She then tried to blackmail Ofori with the photos into taking her back but failed before resorting to leaking them to spite her ex and ruin his plans to marry Sandra.
Even if their 17 April wedding goes ahead as Ofori has taken the blame for the leak, it remains to be seen how the University will react to the damaging scandal.
View the uncensored photos. 

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