Thursday, 23 March 2017

2Face re-mixes 'African Queen' to mark 4th wedding anniversary {Watch Video}

Nigerian pop icon Innocent Idibia aka 2Face aka 2Baba has released a re-mixed video of his hit African Queen to celebrate his actress wife Annie Macaulay Idibia, who featured in the 2004 original to mark their fourth wedding anniversary and 18 years together. 

GHANA KINDERGARTEN TRAGEDY: Three children drown in pond

Three kindergarten pupils of Ahotor DA Primary school in the Atebubu-Amanten District drowned in a dugout pond on Tuesday according to a report by Ghbase website.
The dead children, all boys and a girl had decided to skip classes on that day after a heavy downpour the previous night and decided to go swimming in the flooded dug-out pond instead.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Female intruder caught hanging on White House fence by shoe lace

The latest White House fence jumper was caught as she was hanging from the top of the fence by her shoelaces.
TMZ has obtained the incident report, which details the movements of the 38-year-old woman. It says she went back and forth, staring at the White House for a long period of time before making her move Tuesday at 10:50 PM.

Disgruntled group of white producers fired from P. DIDDY's cable network sue him for racial discrimination

A production crew for Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Revolt ​TV ​is suing the ​cable ​and radio network claiming reverse discrimination – saying they were fired for being old white men.
Douglas Goodstein and four producers, who’d previously worked for “The Howard Stern Show,” were hired by Revolt TV in January 2014.

...And here comes DONNA TRUMP

Ohhh dear... This looks like his twin. Is she real or did some devious troll make her up? To avoid any mix-up they could have just named her Donna TRAMP, innit? Or is it the same ten and ten pence?